Stay at Home and Help Stopping Climate Change? It’s Possible -A VUCA Approach.

A. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

B. VUCA for Climate Change

C. VUCA for COVID-19

D. Simultaneous Counteracts

  • Parties and social gatherings pre-pandemic look fun more than ever. We tend to feel things for granted, overfamiliarity numbs us, and it hurts when the cause is taken away from us. This also applies to Climate Change now or later when things start to collapse, we lose our belongings or our loved ones. We can learn to appreciate what we currently have and enjoy our current activities. Mindfulness helps.
  • Work from home for certain professions went better during the pandemic. Forced WFH for offline workers which were essential now has a new method to be done online. This is something to cheer about. WFH reduce greenhouse gas emission mainly from daily commuters who go to offices or schools.
  • If we can’t see something doesn’t mean the problem is nonexistent. Just as we get sick unnoticed by those pathogens, we tend to realize climate change is real after an extreme catastrophe occurred. Reconstruct our mindset to be more critical is the key here.
  • Economic growth is neither to be conflicted with the pandemic nor climate change. Science is the solution. We need to do both by thinking a sustainable plan as an investment.
  • Global action is a must. do health protocols and we might save others’ life. Care more about the environment and we might save the world.




A long-life learner

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Jabar Nur Muhamad

Jabar Nur Muhamad

A long-life learner

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